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If you are looking for iCloud Unlocker or iCloud Unlock Tool that unlocks or remove iCloud activation lock then I must say you have landed to the right website. Because this website (iPhoneiCloudUnlocker.Com) is all about icloud unlocking tutorials, methods and guides.

What Causes the iPhone Activation Lock?

With over 750 million active iPhone users apple is one of the largest smartphone developing and selling company. All those 750 millions iPhones are not bought directly from Apple Incl. Many of them are bought from online stores like amazon, eBay, Walmart Alibaba etc.

When we try to save some money and buy a second hand iPhone, iPad, iPod tough and iWatch from such stores then we don’t consider the drawback of such shopping.

Like when we try to Activate a second hand iPhone and suddenly see the dreaded screen “Your device is Activation Locked” and you had to put previous owner’s iCloud details there – and you have absolutely no idea what they are and the seller is also unresponsive to your requests for help.  That’s where you feel so helpless and retarded.

All Available Methods to Unlock iCloud Free and Legally

  • iCloud Unlock Activation Lock FREE  officially through Apple
  • Free Online iPhone iCloud Unlock Tool
  • How to Unlock iCloud without password/passcode
  • How to iCloud Unlock a second hand iPhone (when you are not original owner)
  • How-to Bypass Activation iCloud Lock Screen without Apple ID
  • Remove iCloud Lock Screen Legally

1. iCloud Unlock Activation Lock FREE  officially through Apple

You can remove iCloud Unlock on an iPhone via Apple in two possible ways.

  1. Through Apple Chat Support
  2. Through Apple 24/7 Calling Support

1.1. Unlock iCloud Free via Apple Chat

Do not rush through the article as It is very important to follow the whole tutorial given below. As this tutorial is actually going to help you to remove your iPhone’s iCloud Lock for FREE (Its not gonna take your more than 15 minutes!).

→ Visit: https://getsupport.apple.com/
→ Enter the Serial Number of your iPhone/iPad/iPod in the “Serial number” field and click on the arrow.
→ Next, Click on the “Bring it for Repair” option
→ Click on the “Service & Support” option
→ Next, Click on the “iPhone/iPad or iPod” image
→ Click on the “Apple ID & iCloud” option
→ Click the option “The topic is not listed”
→ Type “Remove iCloud Activation Lock” in the box where it says “Describe you issue” and click on “Continue” button.
→ Click on “Chat” option and you will be connected to Apple Support Chat.

1.2. Unlock iPhone Calling Apple Support Team

If the chat was not successful or chat option is not available for your country then you can Call Apple Support by selecting “Schedule a Call” in the last step (you will select Schedule a Call instead of Chat option on support page)

2. Free Online iPhone iCloud Unlock Tool

One of the best fast and proven method nowadays is to unlock iPhone online using online unlock tool. If you a regular internet user then you might have read about it before, but the question is does it actually works?

Yes, It does work and works like no other unlock method do. In iCloud Unlock Online method you need to find a website that provides icloud unlocker online tool. They will ask your iPhone IMEI number and unlock your device in just few minutes.

To prevent our users from wasting their valuable time searching for online icloud tool we decided to make it avail on website. We tried many online iPhone iCloud Unlocker tools and came to this result that two of them are best iCloud Activation Unlock/Bypass tools. These are:

According to google stats iCloudLockRemoval.Us’s iPhone unlock software is the most search tool on internet for iCloud Unlock and Bypass Activation Lock Screen. Their tool seems to be professional and much more easier to use than other tools on the internet.

Update 18 September, 2018: iCloudLockRemoval.Us/tool has moved to new domain ayi.cloud/tool.


iPhoneiCloudUnlocker.Com’s unlock tool coded and designed by iPhone iCloud Unlocker team: We use all possible hashes to unlock any apple device without a passcode. Which means that if you forget your apple ID password or your iPhone is showing Activation Screen you can use our online icloud unlocker app to remove / bypass this situation.

Our icloud unlocker can Bypass activation lock, remove icloud activation lock using private proxies and dedicated servers. We provide dedicate icloud bypass dns servers and everything is done remotely (without downloading anything)

How to use iPhone iCloud Unlocker Online Tool?

→ Go to https://iphoneicloudunlocker.com/online

→ Paste/Type your device IMEI number in IMEI input field.

→ Click on the “Next” button

→ Select Maximum wait before next try to unlock your device (in case if you fail for the first time). We recommend set it to between 20 minutes to 50 minutes.

→ If you want to use proxy for extra security simply choose the proxy region

→ You can also choose some other miscellaneous features i.e, Remove Blacklisted Status, Get Device Info etc.

→ Click on the “Start” button

iCloud Unlocker Tool will take your request and process it through apple servers. It might take some time to unlock/bypass icloud on your iPhone/iPad/iPod depending on the apple servers response and type of features you have chosen.

Our tool is highly protected with Site Security Lock, DDoS protection and Anti-bot Protection System. So if you occur to see something like Anti-bot Protection/Human Verification!  then it means either you’re trying to use our services through automated bots or your IP has already been blacklisted by apple/icloud servers.

At that point, you will need to verify yourself by completing a short survey or participating in an offer listed on offers windows. It will not cost you anything and only takes 2-3 minutes to complete a survey.

Note: Do not use this tool more than twice a day.

To learn the rest of post topics and guideline about How to unlock iPhone 5,6,7,8,X without download anything or iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tool Download Free 2018, keep visiting this page time-to-time. You can also bookmark this site for more future updates and unlock tutorials.

If you have any question, suggestion or issues regarding our online icloud unlocker tool, please let us know in the comment section. We always love to hear from our visitors.

iCloud Activation Lock Removal Service 2018 | iCloud Unlock Free

think you’ll trust me as soon as I say: The iCloud Activation Lock is a Entire Pain. What had been Apple questioning when they introduced a system so strict that a device you spent loads on turns into unusable? Well it turns out that there are multiple answers  to resolve it. Even betterCertainly one of them is completely Free!

In this article I will tell you how you can unlock iCloud and bypass iCloud activation. I’ll also review many iCloud Removal Services and then tell you the best method to remove icloud with the easily.

What is the iCloud Activation Lock? Is iCloud Activation Lock Removable? How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock ?

What is the iCloud Activation Lock?

Let say you just bought a used (second hand) iPhone or iPad. But when you try to set it up it keeps on asking for the iCloud login details of the previous owner… Now this is called iCloud Activation Lock…

Is iCloud Activation Lock Removable?

If you are also facing this problem then I have a good news for you. Answer to this question is really very simple for me and that is YES! iCloud Activation Lock can be removed with just few clicks and sip of coffee: Why coffee ? cause the method that I’m going to share with you is very simple though but like every other task that gives you ache this method will require your patience.


How iCloud Activation Lock Works?

iCloud Activation Lock puts people off stealing your device as it will be unusable by anyone else.

However almost 50% of second hand iPhones bought and sold legitimately have iCloud activation locks left on by accident.

This means buyers can’t use them.

The easiest way to remove activation lock is by contacting the seller, or original owner of the device and asking them to remove it from ‘Find My iPhone’. iCloud removal is a simple process and can be done from any computer or smartphone that can connect to the internet via iCloud.com.

How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock 2018? iCloud Removal 2018

This is very common question from all those who own a locked iPhone that how they can unlock icloud activation lock either in a legal way or in an illegal way. Because there may be plenty of reasons that one would wanna unlock icloud illegally. I will discuss them because this is not my topic. People also ask is there any working iCloud Removal Tool available that can unlock their iPhone? If you too have these kind of questions in your mind (which I’m sure you will have) then read this post till end cause it going to give you the answers of all these questions.

Instead of taking you to the long long stories, let me get straight to the point and tell you that YES! iCloud Activation Lock can be removed easily. But How??? Find more information and complete step by step tutorial below.

Steps & Instructions

(i) – First of all you need to visit this link >>> Click Here To Visit <<<

(ii) – Once you’re on Online iCloud Activation Removal Tool enter your 15 digits iPhone’s IMEI number in the IMEI box.

(iii) – Choose from options “Unlock iCloud” & “Change IMEI”.

(iv) – Click/Tap “Next” button.

(v) – In next step, set the Time Delay bar to 20 minutes (you can do it by scrolling progress bar to left size). Now What is This For? Actually this option sets a time limit before you can retry to unlock your iPhone if it fails in the very first try (there are only 9% chances that this could happen). This will protect you from being traced and your device’s IMEI from being permanently locked by apple servers. You can increase it as much as you want but do not decrease it below 20 minutes.

(vi) – Next, choose whether or not you want use our special Proxy Encryption.

(vii) – Next you can choose more cool features like “Get Device Information”, “Remove Blacklisted Status” and also “Disable FindMyiPhone”. They are all optional features so you can use them as a bonus.

(viii) – Now Click/Tap on “Start” button.

That’s all what unlock tool required to start imei unlock process. Now our Online iCloud Removal Tool will process all the information through servers and then start hack IMEI unlock. It will take some time to finish the iphone imei unlock process (approx. 3 minutes) and then redirect you to the iPhone IMEI Unlock Process Summary Page.

(ix) – Once you’re redirected to the summary page, reboot your iPhone 2 times. Bingo! You’re iPhone IMEI will now be unlocked permanently. Enjoy!

Things to Remember:

  1. Do not use try this iphone unlock tool more than 3 times a day.
  2. Don’t use this tool if you’re iPhone is already unlocked.
  3. Do not decrease Time Delay option below 20 minutes.
  4. Don’t use your iPhone after pressing the Start button.
  5. Do not turn off/reboot your iPhone when unlock process is running.
  6. If your iPhone does not reboot after the unlock process, reboot it manually cause this is important step.
  7. If you see a verification page during the unlock process that means our system could not verify your request properly. It may also happen if you’re using a proxy server to access our site. So in this case you’ll need to verify your identity either by completing a very short and quick survey (for desktop users) or by installing an app (for mobile users). Once you complete an participate in an offer or install an app our system will automatically start the rest of unlock process.
  8. If there’s no offer available for your country then you need to change your IP address and try again.

Still got questions or having trouble in unlocking your iPhone? Contact us on This Page and we’ll get back to you ass soon as possible with better to your problems.

Note: This post is updated after once a week, so do not miss any update regarding iphone unlock, method and tutorials.